World Day of Prayer. 9/12

Unity has sponsored this international day of prayer for 26 years;  This year, Thursday, Sept. 12, is the day.
People all over the world send in the names of people they want to be held in prayer.  At Unity Village, Missouri, site of our international headquarters, there are prayer events all day long. 
Our part in the observance is three-fold:
    One, we provide prayer request forms.  You may write the names of each person you want this special prayer energy for.  Place them in the prayer basket in the foyer, or sent them to Silent Unity.  (
    Two, we hold a special event at 6:30 pm on Sept. 12.  In addition to praying, we will be blessed by learning how various religious movements pray.  We present a panel consisting of our friend Rabbi Buchen, Rev. Phil, Mary Tracy Sigman of the Buddhist tradition, Imam Abdul Haq Muhammed of the Muslim faith, and Rev. Melissa Greenbaum, an Interfaith Minister. Invite friends!
    Three, we have 12 1/2 hour prayer slots from 2 - 5 pm that afternoon.  Two people will be in prayer in each time slot, at our church.  Sign up, or call the church to reserve a slot.  (239-947-3100)
    One way or another, please join us on this very special day of prayer.