The Good News

The Good News According to Phil

May 2019

In our religious upbringing,we have been taught that the Kingdom of heaven is a place of eternal bliss, to be experienced only after we die, and then only if we have been judged to be good enough.  But Jesus quite clearly stated: "The Kingdom of God is within you."  (Luke 17:212)  Where do we go  from here?

I go along with what Jesus said.  The Kingdom is not a place, but the state of Reality, which we can enter when we choose.  It's a state of realizing that creation is good, that we can enjoy our part in creation, that we are one with the One, here and now.  Accepting this, even if not fully understanding it, goes a long way toward releasing us from fear.  Accepting this gives meaning to our lives.  Accepting this enables us to practice another of Jesus' teachings, "Love one another."  For these reasons, it is worth the effort to "seek first the Kingdom."

Blessings, Rev. Phil