The Good News

The Good News According to Phil

February 2019

February is Maxine Carter's birth month.  Maxine was one of the key people in getting Unity of Bonita Springs off the ground, figuratively and literally.  This office in which I write this was her last gift to the church.
In addition to major financial support, Maxine invented and led the Inspirational Reading segment of the Sunday Service.  Her readings inspired us for years.
Above all, Maxine herself was a great inspiration.  She not only was a generous financial contributor, her always positive attitude and her insistence on seeing the best in people and enjoying life were wonderful gifts. She lived to be 101 years young.
Her birthday is Feb. 28.  I invite the women who received a piece of her jewelry or clothing to wear it on Sunday, Feb. 24.  We will take time to honor her.
Blessings, Rev. Phil