The Good News

The Good News According to Phil

December 2018

The Christmas season has special meaning for me, as I was born around 11 pm on Christmas Eve.  I was born in the midwife's house, and the attending doctor was also the organist for the nearby church.  The story goes that everyone was concerned that he would not make it to play at the Midnight Mass.  What's Midnight Mass without music?
But I cooperated, and arrived on the scene just in time for him to get to the church on time.  Everyone was relieved and happy, including my devout mother.
Looking back, I was in the Christmas spirit of giving.  Christmas is all about giving, without demanding something in return.  We give for the pure joy of giving.  Let's do our best to get beyond the commercial busy-ness of the season and simply enjoy.
Merry Christmas!  Rev. Phil