The Good News

The Good News According to Phil

December 2019

Most of us have seen the instruction, "What to do 'til the doctor comes."  In spiritual terms, the idea is "What to do 'til an answer to prayer comes."
Let's face it, our prayers, however righteous, sometimes do not seen to be answered.  I prayed a lot, and was joined in prayer by many people, for a reconciliation with a long-estranged son.  I went to Colorado Springs, where he lives, and got about 2 minutes of his time.  He was not interested in re-connecting with me.
Did all of our prayers fail?  I say no.  I choose to have faith (Forgetting Appearances, I Trust Him).  Things don't necessarily happen in the time-frame I want, nor in the way I can see.   The prayers were all about love, and love wins out in the long run. So join me in continuing to pray with faith.
Merry Christmas, Rev. Phil