The Good News

The Good News According to Phil

March 2018

Another senseless shooting has made the headlines, and has hit us in the heart.  How can we possibly find good news when innocent young people are murdered?

I offer this.  As best we can, let's take the long viewpoint, let's emphasize the big picture.  This lifetime is one of many, and the souls of the people who were killed are alive and well.  They will accept the lesson that they learned, and that, through their violent death, they taught.  They will come back, in another lifetime, as peace-makers.
Meanwhile, here and now in this lifetime, we can do something.  Let's encourage our legislators to adopt stricter controls over gun ownership.  No one needs a fully-automatic weapon, nor the ability to convert a semi-automatic weapon.  This we can do while honoring the 2nd amendment.
Blessings, Rev. Phil